Thursday, August 21, 2014

ABS 16 Local Comp Schedule

Here is the current local comp schedule for the ABS 16 season. More details to follow.
10/11/14 - High Altitude Fitness, Lake Tahoe, CA
10/25/14 - Granite Arch, Rancho Cordova, CA
11/8/14 - Pacific Edge, Santa Cruz, CA
11/15/14 - Rocksport, Reno, NV
Regionals - TBD
Divisionals - TBD

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2014 SCS Youth Nationals - Top Finishers

Here are the top finishers from our region in the recent 2014 SCS Youth Nationals:
Female Jr
4th - Alexa Nazaria (ZG); 7th - Jacquelyn Wu (ZG); 9th - Sera Busse (ZG)
Female Youth B
4th - Kara Herson (PG); 9th - Sydney Palmer (SCT)
Female Youth C
3rd - Emma Palmer (SCT); 7th - Jenny Jiang (SCT); 9th - Natalia Grossman (ZG)
Female Youth D
1st - Alex Plotnikoff
Male Jr
6th - Joseph Diaz (GA)
Male Youth A
3rd - Nicholas Bradley (ZG)
Male Youth B
9th - Matthew Grossman (ZG)
Male Youth C
3rd - Ross Fulkerson (PG); 5th - Sam McQueen (PG)
Male Youth D
3rd - Ethan Rogers (ZG); 9th - Connor Herson (PG)
Male Youth D
9th - Ethan Rogers (Zero Gravity)

Female Jr
2nd - Jacquelyn Wu (ZG)
Female Youth A
6th - Katrina Louie (ZG)
Female Youth B
2nd Jenna Wang (SCT)
Female Youth C
2nd - Natalia Grossman (ZG)
5th - Emma Palmer (SCT)
Male Jr
5th - Alexei Likhtenberg (PG)
Male Youth D
2nd - Ethan Rogers (ZG)
3rd - Anthony Lesik (PG)
4th - Connor Herson (PG)

Monday, July 14, 2014

2014 SCS Nationals Results Available

Results from the 2014 SCS Nationals are now posted at Click here. We'll have info on top finishers from our region soon. Congratulations to everyone who competed!